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    What does it stand for?

    What is Lo Mute?

    We look at Architecture that surrounds us everyday, but ever does it cross our mind how aesthetically pleasing each building/structure is? Maybe subconsiously! This year RK Studios focused on the facade and the external features of buildings that we see in our everyday lives. Artist Ridhima Khurana,uses her background in architecture and photography to combine the two and bring the viewers something more than just a building. The design of these man-made structures as a story through the dynamics of interesting angles, patterns, contrasts and repetitions. Lo Mute means, Low Mute! where the camera shot is taken lower on the vertical axis to make the details look strong and powerful. While Muting the colours to grayscale enhances the details, letting the viewers step into the architect’s shoes to witness each design decision implied into the holistic building architecture.

    Architecture Photography

    Work by Ridhima Khurana

    Dare to count the number of paper cubes?

    CN Tower!

    Artist Ridhima Khurana, assembled from scratch, paper cut cubes to showcase the building blocks of Architecture at the exhibition. There were 3 cube sizes to this model; 0.6″, 1″ and 1.25″ all hand cut, folded and glued together into this 7 feet tall tower!

    A lot of curious viewers!

    Guessing the Number

    The CN Tower attracted a lot of visitors, including and not limiting to passerby from the street! Many tried geometry, symmetry but only SOME thought about the weight in the dome/observation deck area! Will the tower support the weight of the big dome/observation deck area? It probably has to be empty, right?


    CN Tower Count 1022 Cubes!

    Toronto Architecture

    Lo Mute 2018 Calendar

    Click the image on right to see our 2018 calendars! Our 2018 calendar features images photographed all around the Greater Toronto Area. There is an abundance of great Architecture all around us. We share with you some of our favourite images showcased through our LO MUTE Exhibition!